Daryl Chambers

Gene Simmons knows a thing or two about monetizing the rock and roll music he and his KISS bandmates have been pumping out over the last four decades. Now, it looks like he’s going to try and make a buck out of the famous hand gesture that’s displayed at concerts and underground biker bars around the world.

The KISS bassist has apparently filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for owning the rights to the hand gesture that features the index, pinky and thumb fingers are pointing out while the others are folded in. You know, this one.

According to the trademark application, Simmons is claiming that he first used the signal during a concert on Nov. 14, 1974, which would have been shortly after the release of their sophomore album, Hotter Than Hell. While Simmons has claimed that he invented this iconic gesture, he’s not alone is claiming to be one of the classic rock icons who popularized it over the years. According to Simon Young, a news editor of heavy metal magazine Kerrang!, it was the late metal singer Ronnie James Dio who also had a part in making the gesture part of his on stage persona.

"Ronnie started throwing the horns shortly after replacing Ozzy Osbourne as Black Sabbath’s vocalist in 1979,” Young said back in 2010 following Dio’s death. “Many metal fans began to reciprocate the gesture and along with headbanging, it became synonymous with metal."

According to the report, Coven frontman Jinx Dawson had used the gesture, and there’s an image of John Lennon using it on the cover artwork for The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine album.

So will Gene come away victorious with this one? Only time will tell. Next thing you know he may also try to claim the patent ownership for a “Love Gun.” Seriously.

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