Richard Spencer (Credit: AP/David J. Phillip)

The Daily Stormer, a white nationalist and anti-Semitic website, is baiting his army of anti-Semites and racists to troll Jewish residents in Whitefish, Montana.

The screed — which won’t be linked to — includes names, pictures and contact information for the allegedly Jewish individuals and institutions in the town. The site’s owner and founder, Andrew Anglin, claims that the widespread doxxing was a result of what he said were people trying to “silence” white nationalist figurehead Richard Spencer by “harassing his mother.”

“There are only 6,000 Jews in the entire state of Montana, yet they’re 100% of the people trying to trying to silence Richard Spencer by harassing his mother,” Anglin wrote, “So Then – Let’s Hit Em Up. Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm? Because AYO – it’s that time, fam.”

Anglin was responding a story by KTMF-TV Tuesday, which claimed that Sherry Spencer was being pressured into selling her businesses. That article was based on an activist’s email sent to the news station, which noted that the white nationalist’s mom was using her home address as the headquarters for the hatemonger.

“(Sherry) is profiting off of the people of the local community, all the while having facilitated Richard’s work spreading hate by letting him live and use her home address for his organization,” an activist wrote in an email to the TV station. The activist later added that Spencer “could address this by selling the building, making a donation to human rights efforts, and making a statement in opposition to white supremacist ideas spread by Richard.”

Spencer’s “harassment” consisted of people asking her, “do you really think people will want to rent from a racist?” according to the Sacramento Bee. Love Lives Here also once planned to picket in front of Spencer’s apartment, but was reportedly called off when Spencer said she was selling her rental business.

In response, Anglin told his readers to “tell [Jewish residents] you are sickened by their Jew agenda to attack and harm the mother of someone whom they disagree with.”

“It is very important that we make them feel the kind of pressure they are making us feel. There hasn’t ever been a more important campaign than this.”

Anglin’s post included doctored photographs of the residents, with photoshopped yellow Stars of David with the word “Jude” on them — a reference to the Holocaust. Anglin covered his ass by saying his readers shouldn’t engage in “VIOLENCE OR THREATS OF VIOLENCE OR ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE TO THAT.”

Spencer hasn’t seen any violence from the activists in Montana who want the state to be more inclusive.

“We have not had any calls from Sherry Spencer on any criminal issue,” Whitefish Police Department Lt. Bridger Kelch told Salon.

“It is clear and obvious extortion,” Anglin wrote, not understanding how boycotts or donations work. “They are saying ‘give us money, or we are going to continue this campaign of terror against you and your family.’ It couldn’t be any more clear. All of these Jew organizations engage in this transparent extortion racket with impunity.”

Sherry Spencer wrote that she was “stunned by the actions of Love Lives Here, an organization claiming to advocate tolerance and equal treatment of all citizens, yet coursing [sic] financial harm to many innocent parties.”

“I don’t know what she’s talking about,” an activist and co-founder of pro-tolerance group Love Lives Here, said. “We don’t cause financial harm to anybody . . . I don’t know what he does when he comes here. But that is not our problem with Richard Spencer. It is the National Policy Institute and what that stands for and our town being smeared by his philosophy.”