Ship Overseas Inc. Launches New Website
Summary: A well-established international shipping company presents a fully redesigned and optimized website.
San Diego, CA, United States – Ship Overseas Inc., a reputable international car shipping company, is happy to announce the launch of their new Internet presentation. The new website is fully redesigned, responsive and optimized for mobile, so users can access and interact with it from desktop and mobile devices quickly and easily.
The new design was guided by the principles of advanced search engine optimization (SEO), making sure the website is fully responsive and optimized. Visually, the new design was created with the aim of establishing a professional, honest, and personable online presence.
With the recent developments in mobile optimization, Ship Overseas acknowledged the importance of having a mobile-optimized website. The ultimate goal of optimizing for mobile is to enable users and prospects to reach the website fast, obtain any information and request a quote easily from any device, mobile or desktop.
With improved user experience in mind, the company has also invested in designing a strong internal website structure. A well-organized website will make it possible for users to reach the information they need with the minimum number of clicks.
By employing advanced internal linking techniques, the company also aims to improve the website’s indexability and crawlability and make it more ‘’machine-friendly’’. Making the website easier to index and crawl, teamed up with providing the best possible user experience, is felt to be the way to ensure the website’s ranking at the top of Google search.
Additionally, the redesigned website features a blog section, which will serve as the main source of new website content. The purpose of the blog is to grow the website and also provide information that customers and prospects will find useful. The blog is intended as a resource where users can find comparisons of different shipping methods, the importance of marine insurance, and detailed overviews of requirements for car shipping into the USA, to mention a few.
‘’We are happy that our new website will provide users with an improved experience. We wanted to make sure our services are easy to find online but didn’t want to stop there. Our goal was to make our services as transparent as possible by providing detailed service descriptions and straightforward calls to action,’’ says Miron Friedman, Operations Manager at Ship Overseas Inc.
About Ship Overseas Inc.: Ship Overseas Inc. is a San Diego-based car shipping company providing international car shipping for over 30 years. The company provides shipping services to and from the USA via RoRo and Container shipping.
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